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About us - Mahendra India Travel

" I started my job as a taxi driver, I would say a good one, and that's very important in my country. In the last 18 years some of my family members and some trustworthy friends join me to work together. I have big team. Most of them speak English quite well and myself Italian & Spanish also."

Mahendra India Travel
Mahendra Singh

Since 1999, I've been traveling with European, American and Asian visitors all the years. These travels have given to me the opportunity to approach to your culture. You can travel through India with our different type of cars. According to the number of people we have all kind of good cars. You can be alone, in small group or in a big group, there's no problem, We will give you big luxurious coach, hotels according to your budget. You can choose the route, budget and style of your travel as you wish....