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Surrounded by Aravalli hills on three sides and circumscribed by a massive wall with four gateways is the city of Bundi that is known for having a glorious past and a promising future. Historical monuments, natural beauty, scenic dams & ponds, wild forests fairs and festivity are what symbolize life at this colorful city of Rajasthan. The city of Bundi has interesting monuments including impressive medieval forts, palaces, havelis, temples with beautiful stone idols and 'chattris' with carved pillars, along with a quaint lake in the heart of the town, adding to its charm. Bundi is also famous for its intricate carvings and frescoes.

In the year 1193, when Sultan Mohammed Ghauri defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan, some members of the Chauhan clan took shelter in Mewar and became allies to the Rana there while the younger ones moved to the Chambal valley and fought with Meena and Bhil tribals to establish their kingdom of Hadoti. The city of Bundi was then a part of the kingdom of Kota and was ruled by Hada Chauhans who were the descendants of the famous Chauhan dynasty. Later the two clans of Hada Chauhans formed two separate states at Kota and Bundi, on either sides of the river Chambal.

Bundi Palace: Bundi palace is an ideal example of Rajput architecture and has some wonderful frescoes.

Chattar Mahal or Palace of Towers: The most attractive feature of the palace is the Hazari Pole while one must also see Naubat Khana, Hathi Pole and the Diwaan-e-Aam during his visit to the palace.

Chitrashala: This palace is famous for elaborate colorful paintings on the walls depicting scenes from Raasleela and the Raagmala. It also has a fascinating pavilion and a gallery of miniature frescoes.

Eighty Four Pillared Cenotaph: Established by Rao Anirudh, this memorial has 84 pillars in a single cenotaph and a Shivlinga.

Kshar Bagh: It is an ancient garden near the Shikar Burj with a fascinating chatri and was visited by ancient rulers and their families.

Nawal Sagar: This lake, visible from the fort has a temple dedicated to Varuna, the water god submerged into water at the center of the lake. One can see the reflection of the fort and various palaces of the city in this lake.

Phool Sagar: The present residence of the former ruler, this palace has an artificial tank and pictorial garden.

Raniji ki Baori: Rani Nathawati constructed this 46 m deep well in the year 1699 AD. It has a superb gate and some beautiful carving.

Ratan Daulat: Rao Raja Ratan Singh established this place and it is a structure forming stable for nine horses and elephants.

Shikar Burj: It was the favorite hunting venue for the rulers of Bundi. It is now been converted into a renowned picnic spot.

Sukh Mahal: It is a fascinating summer palace located on the Sukh Sagar Lake and is surrounded by lush green gardens. It is believed that an old tunnel connects this place to the old palace of Bundi.

Taragarh: This place was established in 1354 AD. The fort is one of the most impressive forts of Rajasthan. Perched on a thickly wooded hill is a marvelous white fort, with a huge reservoir, which once supplied water to the palace.

Climate :
The weather in the district of Bundi is more on the hotter side. During summers, the temperature goes up to 43'C while that in winters, the temperature goes from 30'C to 5'C. The coldest months witness temperature as low as 5'C. The average rainfall here is around 75 cms annually.

How to Reach Bundi

By Air: The nearest airport is the International Airport at Jaipur, which is 220 kms from Bundi.

By Rail: The railway station at Bundi has rail connections between Bundi and other important cities like Kota, Agra, Chittogarh, Benaras, Jaipur and so on.

By Road: Bundi is well connected by buses to Ajmer (5 hours), Kota (1 hour) and Jaipur (5hours).

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