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Prettier than a postcard, India's tiniest state Goa, remains the vacationer's hottest spot. If you are looking for a seductive atmosphere to relax and rejuvenate your spirits on dazzling sun-drenched beaches, then a visit to Goa is a perfect choice. With its natural scenic beauty and superb beaches, this tropical paradise on the western coast of India is famous for its architecture, feasts and festivals and above all, its hospitable people with a rich cultural milieu. Visit this site for further informataion and photos of Goa.

Gleaming Portuguese-style whitewashed churches, lush paddy fields, dense coconut palm groves and crumbling forts make up the Goan landscape. Goa however has far more to offer than heady sunny days spent frolicking on one of her many sand lined beaches. Goans love celebrating and this can be seen in the number of fairs, feasts and festivities held.

Goa is one of the youngest states to attain statehood after 451 years of colonial rule and 26 years as a Union territory. Except for a brief occupation by the British, the Portuguese were the masters of Goa till 1961 before they were finally driven out. The Portuguese domination over Goa produced an eclectic blend of East and West. Christmas and its carnivals are celebrated as enthusiastically as Diwali and Durga Puja, as it is one place in India where religions of all kinds have melted together in a display of artistic grandeur in both its architecture and lifestyle as a whole.

The state's separate identity is discernible in other ways too, such as a preference for a fish and meat-rich cuisine, whereas other states seem to have a more vegetarian diet. Another marked difference is the prevalence of alcohol. Beer is cheap, and 6,000+ bars around the state are licensed to serve it. Goans also brew their own local varieties. Feni, the widely known liquor made from cashews and coconuts is worth a try.

Today, Goa has a one of the most developed tourism infrastructures in India. People are tolerant to the impacts of cultural dualism resulting from the influx of foreign tourists, plus English is widely spoken. Tourism is the main source for business in the area and numerous efforts have been made to make it more comfortable for overseas visitors from around the globe. There are palatial hotels as well as exotic beach resorts, most of which have their own private beach. Facilities for water recreation are good as are sporting facilities in general. Shopping is another highlight of the area and Indian crafts are available throughout the state.

Therefore no matter what your quest is regarding a visit to India, Goa just about has it all and if you only have a short time in which to experience the country, Goa will certainly offer you a large slice of India's fascinating cake. Goa is about mood and a joyous one at that and your experiences here will always be defined as memorable.


The best time to visit is up to you. There are those who love Goa during the rainy monsoon when it is green and generally bereft of tourists. Others prefer the true tourist season which starts around September, peaks in December and keeps going until the carnival before Lent. The state has a pretty good climate year round with not much variation in temperature. December and January might require slightly warmer clothes such as a light weight jumper or long pants but most who visit from colder climates find it warm no matter what time of year they visit. In April and May it's always warm to hot and from June to September it's lovely, green and lush but very humid. Therefore, no matter what the weather, you are ensured of a good time in Goa.

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