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Rajasthan ToursMahendra India Travel - Rajasthan is regarded as the most colorful region in India whose topography ranges from barren desert, scrub thorn arid woodlands, rocky hills and ravines to wetlands and lush subtropical forests. The state boasts of a wide variety of attractions to suit all tourist tastes - forts, palaces and temples dating back to the 7th century, colorful fairs and festivals, a dazzling array of art and craft, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, heritage hotels and the splendid venues for holding conferences and conventions of global standards. Traveling through Rajasthan, one is truly amazed by the bewildering spectrum of religious beliefs represented by varied deities and objects including stones and trees. The magical and supernatural phenomenon associated with local Gods and Goddesses, folk heroes, satimata, ancient trees or vermilion painted stones punctuate life of every house in Rajasthan. "