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Christmas festival in India

Christmas Festival - The word 'Christmas' is a modern version of the old English term ‘Cristes Maesse’, which refers to Mass of Christ. Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th December to mark the birth of the infant Christ and to convey his message of love and eternal life of the soul. The twelve days between Christmas and the Epiphany relate to the baptism of baby Jesus.

Christmas is the most significant festival for the Christian community and has acquired prominence even in non-Christian communities. Today, Christmas has evolved into a week-long festival of nostalgia, family get-togethers, charitable dos and musical sojourns. Christmas is an opportunity for soaking in its quaint traditions and endearing rituals. The soul-stirring festive occasion not only sends a wave of joy to people all around, it brings into its fold even non-practicing Christians. Imbued with the spirit of love, sharing and togetherness, Christmas festival touches everyone’s hearts.

Many Christmas beliefs and rituals owe allusions to pre-Christian, pagan and Norse traditions. The legends and myths of the Yule log and Santa Claus has Celtic roots. The Norse god Odin, believed to reside in the far north is associated with Santa Claus riding on the sleigh. The Nimrod Tree, a pagan symbol for the re-emergence of the sun, has now been replaced by wreaths, branches, boughs, and trees. Decorating trees and dancing around the trees were part of the many rituals to celebrate the winter solstice as was the fire festival called Yule.

Some typical symbolic decorations include the Christmas tree, lights, streamers, poinsettia flowers, candles, wreaths, mistletoe, and holly. The red and green colours of Christmas signifying passion and fertility are as ubiquitous as red berries and green leaves of holly. The legend of kissing under the mistletoe tree owes to the practice of calling truce between soldiers in Norse mythology.